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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

To the see, hear, and speak no evil way of life of the past generations, will need to be a thing of the past. We need facts to guide us. The good or the bad intent of it left to the cause, effect, and then outcome to decide.

The past took great pride in telling us to take responsibility for our actions. So was the denying of facts or creating the illusions to suit an outcome. I do not care what label we put on it. I do not care if you list all the things we use this information for as classified. It is what it is! No cover up and denial.

The World uses the research and technology. The days where we do not share this information just to give any country or us an edge need to be over. A world in crises is what we have here. Humanity is a part of this equation the cause and effect. All over the world this information is collected and shared. Let us not give into the fear. We know the problems the world now faces and need the power to work together and implement our solutions.

This is the interactive world we live in. We see, hear, and are feeling the effects of the world.

Psychologically I understand how it was much easier for past generations to refute the findings and just follow orders. The psychological war fare involved is still having a large effect on our elders. Transparency in the world is not just our technology. I am attempting to have respect for the older generations and not place judgement so I to may learn. I understand they were taught it was a matter of survival. I understand that is still the case. Let us get our priorities straight. Save the world. Be an interactive part of it and foresee that we still have a future.

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