I need help resolving this paradox:
Dmitri Bilgere

“Open mind” 360: 2030

The baseline of who I am is depressed with health issues.

This is my normal and shared by many people. I validate my feelings and the feelings of others. There is no quick fix.

I know the catch to this line and it is themselves. Facilitating someone with out giving them the understanding that they did it them selves may make them dependent.

I am still working on the long term solutions I can apply in the field. It is about the time given to bring about the change in coping skills. There can be only temporary interruptions, placebos in a crises situation without an actual fix. Training takes time and in the field this is the one thing we do not have.

Breaking long term patterns is difficult while attempting to be sensitive to a persons belief systems. And in many cases these beliefs are causing problems as to a persons identity and most are fearful of losing it. I am who I am.

It is late. Keep writing!

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