Spicer’s latest misdirection on Russia got refuted before he even ended his presser
Aaron Rupar

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

Free speech:

They are right; we keep hearing the same thing over and over again. They have been compromised and are in conflict of interest. The question is how we deal with losing the chain of command. There is a clear path from the ground up and there is no coincidence. Experience, let us learn from it.

Welcome to the State of Arizona. It happened here, it can happen anywhere and on any scale. Watching our elected officials get into trouble and seeing the foreign entities pop up is a concern. Our local communities are at stake. I was watching what was going on here and have not lost focus because of the media looking on what is happening up top. It is not going away. It was widely publicized in the media and it is no joke. I cannot erase it from my mind nor should anyone.

We understand that we do business on an international scale and there will have to be interactions. This needs to be done transparently. This is the world we live in now and our leaders need to accept it. Technology is not going away.

The pressure being placed in and on our local communities, businesses ETC. must be addressed. Unfunded mandates are wasteful and bad for moral.

Is the USA gone? Are the States gone? Are our Judges and their authority gone? Is a rubber stamp going to be the new norm? Have all the above been sold off? The checks and balances need to be applied. We are asking the hard questions. Ignoring these incidents and to not correct the issue of abuse will be a detriment to us all. This is how we got here. The small, medium and big picture works because of those working hard to hold it all together. To suggest to those above us to inspire us not destroy us is using common sense.

Do the people we have elected actually have any purpose or power other than threats being lobbied at their own people? Protecting ourselves takes team work and not the self-serving attitude. There needs to be a fairer give and take for any relationship to survive, thrive or work. We strive to do better, be better and our leaders need to up their game. We need to build upon the truth and mutual respect not fear. Let us not fear doing it right! No matter how many time we have to attempt it.

Taking your eye off the ball at a local level will leave us to depend upon the higher powers of bureaucracy that move slowly. At this point and time they are busy being their own worst enemies. Let us not follow this trend. We need our powers at every level for us to be dependable and share the work load.

The boots on the ground, the little guy has no way to defend against intrusive foreign governments. That is why protections are put into place. What failed here? It was passed up the chain of command and is not to be ignored. The constitution is clear and we believe in our Democracy. We are now to believe that there is no way to correct these abuses. The damage is done, but we always find a way.

Those of us with a front row seat can be incremental in maintenance and bring the confidence needed to support any movement going forward.

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