Every journey starts with one step.
J. Westenberg

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

Thank you, I really liked your article. I would add one point in the game of psychological ware fare going on in our heads, accept the facts. We all know more and can do more than we are really aware of.

We can wow ourselves to build true confidence and the energy needed for the long haul. This will also build up a good defense and add to the immunity needed to succeed. There may be a lot of negativity going on around you and your endeavor, there usually is. It is a marathon and hard work, make it as fun as possible. Find the wows and keep building on it. Take time to be aware of those moments. You are your fact. Have an open mind because one thing leading to the other can give you areas of knowledge you did not even know existed.

I have done most of the above mentioned in your article. I felt some satisfaction because every endeavor was an individual learning experience. My base core of networking was in the entertainment business. It is in everything everywhere. I am and will always be local support. It is and was a good base I still believe in.

I also took many jobs outside the field. Usually I was motivated for multiple reasons. First and foremost was just survival and attempting to keep myself fed. I took every job as a learning experience and incorporated it into my already existing base. I really liked learning and interacting and used that to change my mentality when things got rough. I would find the positive to focus on whether it is about a person, place or thing. There are a lot of aspects in any career or job we do not like, but it is a part of the package. It was a necessity of survival to be able to change my attitude in any situation. Sometimes it was the only thing I could change to get me through the day.

It may be cliche but be you. You are enough. Do not let the world define you.


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