Thinking About Race at the Women’s March
Mirah Curzer

“Open mind” 360: 2030

Good article, as was your last. Here is a little insight from “Open mind”, “Open source”.

Empathy in numbers and a can do attitude in motion can create unity.

Remove the word fight unless that is what you’re looking for. Aim higher than that! There are enough wars. I really do feel are energy and resources could and should be better spent. Re purpose the warrior as we need this strength.

Look at the past with forgiveness, not in judgement. Understand and apply that this is what we have come to. Look at the destruction and Know we have a lot of work to be done in maintaining and rebuilding. This is not just a human toll, but everything, everywhere on the planet is affected.

People are people get it. I look forward to a different picture of the future. All lives matter and can give rise to a different march. A different voice that is not made to separate us. Innovation towards the future, applies it, and sees the difference of this interaction as it happens. Show the world something different and that we can all interact with unconditional truth.

Until I can see and hear this in your marches, I do not see the future. I see the past. Live for here and now going forward. I look forward to interaction in a cooperative sense of the world. The past has dissected every aspect of the human being, this planet and most everything in and on it. Passing judgement and not understanding. This is no longer sustainable. Look at the whole, the big picture. Out of need stop feeding this destruction, separation and the illusion. The sacrifice is too great.

I call this N.I.C.E.. It means Normal, Intelligent, Conscious, Engagement.

A little common sense can go a long way.

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