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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

One world and it is interactive. The illusion of debt created and the interest has always been classified for a reason. It does not and never has existed. Many have wondered why the heck we would loan ourselves money and apply accruing interest to create a debt which on real terms could never be repaid. This is another learning lesson on the ego, arrogance and world banking.

The truth would be that in regards to the interactive nature of our countries it is a win win to keep the peace and not end the world we live in. The leaders came together on this point and have up held this treaty and had a common goal that no one person, country or power, would ever have the power to end the world. We took a path of correction and I would have to say a good one. To get rid of our own self destruction dismantling the past and setting us on a coarse to save the world. We will stay this path.

The only enemy is the one who would push the button or use this as a tool to terrorize, threaten or manipulate. As we are still here I would say we have done well so far. We will not be complacent.

I do believe this is in everyone’s interest and we have still to see if this is an unreasonable expectation.

Can we get through this infancy?

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