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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source”

Yes, drug and alcohol abuse is a learned behavior, but labeling it as a disease and treating it like one has made great progress in the behavioral health field. Stereo typing people and labeling them only adds to an already existing problem and another underlying cause of some of the abuse.

The fact that drugs, tobacco, alcohol, firearms and incarcerations are being driven by profits rather than the truth I would find most existing publications of research invalid. The very people, who make the profits off of these things run the systems, pay the money for the research, and print only what is profitable to keep the sales going. Legally or illegally this is going into the same pockets and jobs that keep the systems up and going giving job security to those involved in the process.

Having these toxins and poisons in your systems when you are born seems to secure the profits for the future generations going forward.

Experience talking here and a part of the past experiments.

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