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“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Local support”

Keep the humor going. It is a good way to survive. I like the deescalation in it. No one is a know it all and we are all human.

No need to give in, give up, or self implode.

I do believe we could use a little more self support in our self talk. What are you telling yourself?

What are the serious consequences of writing and hitting the send button?

How about doing your own fact checking to calm your nerves. Obvious your e-mails are a part of this web also. If you are still here I would say it is a fact and your expectations of the consequences may be giving into fear.

Keep reading, writing, singing and dancing. Share your self with the world and keep interacting.

If you do not interact there would not be a net work of communication to do anything with. I do not underestimate the important contribution made by each of us. It helps some with job security. Most the voices are needed.

If you want to check and see if what you have written and sent is what is being published, go and check your friends computer after you hit send. I did this many years ago and found that what I had manifested on my computer did not match. This also happened with my e-mails. Just one of many experiments to keep my mind busy.

We are already grounded. Who else has the time to interact online?

Keep up the good work!