Stop worrying about a startup bubble. Build as if the bubble just burst.
Jon Westenberg — Growth Marketing ↗️

“Open mind” 360: 2030

Good advice and a very good psychological and physical strategy for business.

Run yourself and the world with a nonprofit mentality to stay alive. Survival is first and the utmost of importance. The goal from there is to thrive. We need to keep the moral up and the energy going. This requires paying attention to the little things to focus on in everyday life and business. Perform with quality and it can reward you with stability. Take small steps and go at your own pace.

This interaction of what do we need, is the survival of any business. Stay humble to avoid the roller coaster of extreme ups and downs.

Concerned is the reality and all the time and energy we really have time for in life and business.

Be aware, be safe, and survive!


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