From Russia, With Oil
Yonatan Zunger

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open source” & “Local support”

Let us wait and not rush to judgement. In many ways we have been here before. The general public had more than enough evidence from a local level going back four years or more.

Checking facts require that we look at the money, debt and trade. Anything listed as “classified” after the “fact” would be considered tampering. In this day and age we know that paperwork and documents can be created and recreated to fit a circumstance. Even digital evidence can be manipulated. Physical evidence is fact and will always give light. The math does not add up and has left a conflict of interest of those who are here to serve and protect our country. Get it right!

I suggest that we keep a very close eye once again on our local support and level up. Do not lose focus and remember that we have a lot of hard working selfless people in these systems.

This is a brave transitional and transparent world. We must hold our leaders to a higher standard one that we can inspire to. No rubber stamp ever and no compromise will ever be made as to the defense of our people and country.

Nothing is a given and we have a redundant system that will not break down even if the administration up top does.

This is the USA and we are all brought up to be and think as leaders.


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