While I wan’t at this one, I have experience trying to surround sparks of violence like those, and…

“Open mind” Response, the fact agreed upon strongly of no way to prove motive of the person/persons no matter the outcome. People, groups, etc., police and governments have used the same tactics all over the world. This is not a new play book.

In the past and present process of elimination the tactics were/are meant to perpetuate the spark as a lone wolf, where after the fact the credit or fault is allotted. Theater, the stage and event was set well in advance most knowingly of the many outcomes. The creation of many conspiracy theories are based in much the same way and have taken on a life of their own. The exception to the rule, the seed of doubt being placed.

In some cases on a smaller scale the deescalation or minimization of violence or damage has worked physically and digitally. I have even experienced one person making the difference.

No coincidence, we may not know the initial “spark” as it may be one or many. Even the person or persons be unaware they are the spark. But we can use common sense to say the physical reality of effect can be applied. Application or use of even digital information that is used has an indicator of interaction. Pattern or string theory, fact there is a connection.

Thank you for your interaction stephenstillwell.

I am still looking for solutions to apply to (CPR) crises preparation and recovery.

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