The Last Five Years of the United States of America
umair haque

Put a sock in it: Propaganda will not win the day or the future with our hands on experience to tell us life is hard and we survive and will thrive in reality. The dictatorship of other countries is what is in jeopardy here not the USA or their allies of democracy. Let us get this out of every leaders head as they want to rule the world and impose a dictatorship and Marshall Law upon us. We are the inner working and supports for this machine we call society.

The one size fits all is not reality and does not work efficiently or affectively.

We have freedoms here in the USA that is envied by most all over the world. Our personal interactions allow us to innovate, communicate, collaborate and create a culture of learning an adaptation for life. The past has polluted the world and it is our job to clean up the mess to move forward. Save ourselves, our families, are communities and the world.

We are not done by any means. This is the USA and not the united states of Trump. I am not sure where people are getting their statistics or information to back up their belief systems but our unique democracy has given us change and chances to reason with the biggest challenges this world has. Poverty is everywhere, food insecurity is everywhere, crisis from natural and unnatural occurrences are everywhere, war and prejudice is everywhere, an aging infrastructure is everywhere. These are the facts of life not new to civilization.

What is new is the way we will take on these challenges.

Out of a need to work together our positive note will lead us to better understand and we will be able to apply what the USA and world needs as a whole and integrate it into many languages and cultures to be educated.

There is no influence greater the heart of the people and as the leaders offer up destruction and confinement we will continue to work together through every crisis this world has to offer. We do not need to feed to the doom and gloom that the past was built on and see everyday people working together to create open source material with open access to dispel these rumors.

We are working off of the reality of a stalemate. In times of peace the warrior is repurposed to society and the training facilities are to reinforce efforts around the world to maintain and better life through example. We care and it is written in our DNA to meet these challenges of working together with transparency to adapt.

We have had enough of those of a self-serving influence and nature. We will continue to apply our knowledge to the world placing ourselves within this interaction to find common ground as from the local level up engage in the process. That is what works. We are in transition and from a local level up will continue the work already started. The basic needs remain. It is what it is and this is what we have to work with. It is not a blank page.

We need to make this clear to our leaderships as we reform our systems to meet the demands of our different populations. We will be more inclusive and fair as we have learned and will educate to prepare to look for the long term solutions needed. We will be more engaging with plain language and practical applications in transparency.

This world is interactive and we will find a way or many ways to give aid and the tools needed for those who are here to help themselves and others.

We are not alone and will not live in the silence of the past that created this slavery of life of most everything on this planet.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”