Starting with a realistic expectation of life and not basing your life on a visual or verbal illusion of whom and what people are in our perceptions would be more rational. Human acceptance is required.

We do have enough food water and shelter to supply a sufficient life for most everyone on this planet at this time and many are attempting to change, distribute and give.

It is difficult to experience our whole self and the world around us in the conscious mind. The conscious mind is where we can apply and change to do better. We have acquired patterns over generations and time to survive. To be able to not judge the past and present is to be a part of it.

We have the ability to stop this destruction of our environment, self and of others into our future generations.

We have the intelligence and resiliency given us naturally to endure great hardships. We have abilities not yet realized in the individual or groups. What is lacking is a cohesive pattern to change and transition away from the wants and supply what is needed. We need to move forward in action and apply what has already been learned with hands on experience for facts. Not just a thought to do better.

We are enough and together we can and will share, as this planet and life have a symbiotic relationship to survive this transition of infancy. We cannot control but influence the direction towards sustainable life as we continue to venture into the unknown future and interactions of this world and beyond.

Some people are feeling a deficit in their lives and need help finding the confidence and understanding of the interactive world to open the mind to what else is possible.

The basic needs are being used as a tool of manipulation, true. This is being perpetuated by individual people and most groups of any kind from the bottom to the top in fear and out of judgement in a learned behavior.

Building a belief system on falsehoods will collapse in the reality no matter the thought. Being humble and understanding that behavior can and will change out of need as we and our environment are built to adapt to sustain life as a whole.

The past and present damage was and is being done in an attempt to prove what we already know. The deception of the past to some or many may seem unfathomable. We have survived it and are here now to make a difference in our time. We need to direct our efforts as the world has agreed most unanimously to the aid, construction and reconstruction already in motion.

This world we live with is in crisis. We will get the priorities right and reform to the true value system of appreciation that all life matters, is priceless as is our time.

Our strong simple and plain language with hands on is being applied to correct the inherited problems of miscommunications of the past. This lessens the misunderstandings, pressure, unreasonable expectations and enables us to share, learn and make corrections in an engaging, open source and open access environment. This communication, collaboration that bridges the gaps of culture to move towards thoughtful awareness of unification in negotiation as the justification already exists in our goal to do our part to save ourselves and the planet.

The disposable mentality of our leaders must change. The people are already leading the way and the world is listening and applying in individual personalized programs from a local level up to be inclusive.

The obstruction must end as our long term and short term commitments to each other will remain, just as the ancient code we are and live by will endure. It has passed the test throughout time.

The people will continue and keep the communications going and our commitments around the world no matter what the statistics or propaganda say.

We are critical freethinkers interactive, working in transparency with the world. We are not alone. People are people and always will be.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”