Where To Start When You’ve Procrastinated On Your Goals For Too Long
Zdravko Cvijetic

Thank you for sharing. Good read, critical forward thinking people need to put the basics of the next day in the moment when a feeling or thought of being stuck or behind occurs. Even something small can be a significant help.

Open the mind and do not get stuck in judgement and comparison. Walk away from the moment of frustration and distract in a useful manner before going back to it. Put one basic thing out for the next day. One example would be laying out your clothes for the next day.

The beneficial mind games are endless as we can only work on ourselves in the moment. Notes of psychological warfare and lessons learned through experience of interacting and sharing are a good support. The reality is you are not alone and that many are having this human experience at the same time. Sharing this interaction can help improve our coping skills or stimulate a thought more beneficial to our wellbeing and help others.


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