America Made Trump. Will Trump Unmake America?
umair haque

The big picture: This is definitely a societal problem that exists all over the world. We are not there yet but working very hard to accept the past with no judgement to attempt to understand it and learn from it. Not to keep repeating the mistakes and flaws in a mass production of societal norms.

We will evolve from this infantile stage as we are at different levels and stages of development all over the world from our local levels up. No person or persons can predict the future, but we can make decisions based on the more likely than not scenarios playing out in the present.

There is no perfect leadership or governing body and all are an experiment in progress. One size does not fit all. Control is the illusion. Management is the reality.

Today it is what it is in transparency and there is a world at fault here. We have issues imperative to most all life on this planet that need to be addressed as this world is in crisis. The blame game is over in the crisis as our focus has to be on applying the solutions.

None of us are Atlas even though it may feel like the weight of the world rest on one person’s shoulder, it does not. The responsibilities are shared and the affect is interactive with the world even at the smallest levels.

Stop fighting over words meant to distract or diminish us as whole humans. We are definitely created from and for our environment. Most leadership of the past fed their ego by creating this command and illusion. The trauma we are attempting to heal is of the force of command to justify these acts of abuse. To many of us the truth seems unfathomable now.

We are intelligent and know better now. We must engage in the education in transparency that the isolation used to oppress and fortify these illusions will no longer be needed and die along with the past and only be a memory in time that is left up to the perception of the individual.

What really matters is what we are doing, applying and sharing now to make changes.

What else is possible is possible.

We are still communicating, interacting and that is real hope.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”