Finding the new narrative of freedom
Mike Meyer

The reason for Open Source is to be able to expand my and our interconnection with the world to learn from and participate in. I chose Medium as a connective piece of interaction of my own free will for now. I do not seek profit, title or a readership following. I seek interactivity and connectivity that can be connected or disconnected at any time. I am sure there is a piece written out there somewhere or will be that says you do not own me, or us, or the knowledge we were born with or given by experience. We share and keep the thread of interaction going not to limit and restrict it or us.

I have broken the conventional norms of control and use an Open Mind forum for discussion or statements. We do not exist in a vacuum even though we are being held in captivity.

Any Media forum that wants to retain sole ownership as to the publications I put out would be a violation of “Open Source”, to free speech or the written narrative.

My pieces are to be used or interacted with freely for publication. They may be used, reused, edited or added to without judgement or credit to the source material. This our new Narrative of Open Source or Open Access. The use of this article or material as any individual or group has my permission to publish. Truth, I have no control after publication.

This is just one of the choices not given to us in our interactions and releases are voice from the prejudice, bias, judgement, ETC used to control our narrative. Core/ people are people: is Narrative and is the thread.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”