Government does more than just provide services (especially the federal government).
Keith Evans

This article sparked me not that I have not read or written this before.

Interesting, step backwards as there is no debt and there for, no ownership. Fraudulent ownership of the world’s resources and the values that have not been shared but confiscated using words of justification for each action taken.

This is the illusion that is being sold or forced to the populace of the planet over and over again. The debt is being used as leverage to manipulate currency or the monetary value of resource or that currency by our leaders.

Knowing it is what it is does not offer a relief from the mess as to the past world built on fear and manipulation. The abuse of the systems has become the norm dealt with behind closed doors by the abusers. The reality is we do not have to be there to see the cause and effect of what was done or what is to be done from behind these closed doors. It is very transparent.

The fact that we have had fraudulent currency enter the picture and know way of actually knowing how much is been produced or in circulation at any time, as if any currency is legitimate, leads to more of the illusion of the false statistics.

The issues of forced trade of resources are current. Good business threatens to unravel bad business that would not exist without force or manipulation.

In reality good business would lead to higher quality, the end of poverty, higher education, an interdependent society not codependent and more independent self-relying individuals that would be able to work with each other interacting for better outcomes and not feed to the existing bad behavioral model and false narrative given to societies all over the world. We would all be adaptable leaders. Being able to easily adapt to circumstance or situations to manage and not give into the illusion of control. To not transformer the perception that leads to the false narrative as it will not be needed. We would not attempt to transform the world around us out of wants and address the basic needs of the shared world. Our resources and energy would be used to save the world not destroy it.

More on open mind analogies which take the monetary out of the equation to see what is being traded for the world’s resources by the false profit driven society. A society built on earned freedoms, not rewards for bad behavior to enslave everything on the planet.

What else is possible?