Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem
Kate Starbird

This is interesting and really not anything new. We keep going over the same information like we refuse to accept it.

Psychological warfare has always been around. Usually the question is the intent in why it is being used. Most of us know not to trust data or statistics and even question the ones that we ourselves have gathered. How can you trust these things that we have proven to ourselves many times to be false or inaccurate?

I think there should be a disclaimer saying it should only be used for entertainment purposes and is fictional. Of course as many hide where the information is coming from, using false or masking techniques they will not be held accountable. The resemblance to any factual event is purely coincidental. I wonder sometimes how many times we have to experience something before we will say there is no coincidence.

Our experiences no matter where we work and live tell us that we are all human. Anything that happens here in the real world can be applied to the virtual world. At some point in our lives most of us have been apart in perpetuating some form of propaganda or rumor. We are educated in the facts of our own senses can be deceived and or deceiving us.

We know to question everything, trust no one and self-assess for facts. The most likely scenario leading us to truth, or maybe even saying I do not know.

Confusion is another weapon. Many times planting the seed of doubt gets used frequently. We look for direct cause and effect to guide us. We look for consistent patterns.

We look at all or nothing statements made that can in no way be considered fact to a reasonable person. There is a mentality which also is not reasonable of a know it all.

This seems to be learned behavior. As is looking at the good and bad points and this leaves us to extremes in our thinking patterns. Most of us know about perception.

The truth: It is what it is in the moment!