Trump’s Twitter Engagement Is in Freefall
Mike May

Twitter is one of the holding accounts this administration is advertising for.

Real world analytics say that all responses are the same. The only way for a decline to come about is for the public to not click at all on any topic about, or with the word, or name Trump in it. This would leave the margins going for whom or whatever was out there getting and sending different links to respond to and other inquiries.

A captive or paid audience helps drive the machine. Attempting to cash in or link on just as I have done here by replying or responding keeps the threaded link going. The difference is that I am not being paid nor do I need the advertisement. There is a chance I would be publishing somewhere else if I had choice. I am here for now and found the analytics interesting.

Out of need we will soon establish another open source media forum to place new or further existing content on. Interest is already lagging as a monopoly or one size attempting to fit all leaves us feeling unsatisfied. The version given of no choice and no option out leaves many us to not interact or limit our interactions.

Variety and inclusion is the key to good content. Mass production of the word took away the personalization we first felt with our media forum and internet experiences. The feeling of freedom we got when the internet became of public use for different interactions.

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