The combination of disruptive change agents often categorized as the singularity is forcing…
Mike Meyer

Value Systems?:

I agree about value systems that do not support reality and it bit us in the butt as standards kept falling. Our value systems were of an individual nature as force took the place of demand. It will consume the entire system and may implode bringing us as it has before to the reality of true value standards.

This planet, time and Life are priceless as are the resources we are meant to share. Getting passed a mentality of everything being disposable is an effort we must undertake in a shared responsibility.

We need to open our minds to possibilities as we do have the intelligence to meet these challenges that face the world. Open Source, Open Access and shared communications has given us an opportunity to bridge the gaps made of language, distance and share knowledge to be applied. Engaging the world with Local Level Up and hands on, boots on the ground interactions has strengthened the supports necessary with CPRR as a platform for the world in crisis to work with and from.

Realizing that the tone is meant as an emotional aspect of fear being used to manipulate, control and the wall being built to tear our systems, environment, families, communities, ETC apart. It is imperative that we change that tone and narrative to be engaging, supportive and inclusive.

Together we can adapt and make the changes necessary as we understand that the biological limits have been reached of resiliency to this toxicity, pollution and human created behavior from the past of destruction.

We need to carry on with the good works to influence this direction interactive all over the world.

We need to build on the basics as People are people, All Lives Matter and move us passed the judgement of the past to understanding the needs as we are evolving and at different stages of development throughout the world.

Technology and hands on personalized, customized programming continues to move us forward in all aspects of our systems, interactions, education and life.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”