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We find the rhetoric heartless, uncaring and show a lack of the true value of life. Many are concerned as this would strip the quality and independence of their lives and place an already burdened system of care with no way to help. America’s families will feel the burden without a doubt. Facts say there will be an affect and or loss of life and definitely loss of the quality of life for so many we cannot fathom it. We will look at history to tell us that. I can say as one who is grateful for the services I and my family have received as an understatement. I give thanks to the hard working people in these systems that are doing so much with so little.

It is a travesty as many have worked hard to improve the very systems you are planning to cut funding to and are of greater value than our government at this point. Stop fixing what works and get down to the business of the people. Stop asking us to donate $$$ to the rich.

We see the profits pile up at the expense of human and all life on this planet and little to no accountability is being held to the government or corporate entities responsible. We understand the destruction of the past and are here to make a difference to the present and future.

We are living and dying the facts.

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