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What if you were this passenger or one of the many other passengers on this plane? It was not a good situation and I am sympathetic for all involved.

Making passengers fearful is never a good idea in any situation. I can only image how this person must have felt. I was not on the plane. I tried to have an open mind when listening to the reports attempting to take out the bias as to the situation.

I do feel the business or airline should always take responsibility in response or remedy to any situation. Also preemption and foresight was not here on behalf of the airline. Doing the retrospect of the cost associated with good customer service they have a failing grade here no matter how I look at it.

I live in the USA. We advocate for our rights and self. I do not believe we have unreasonable expectations when using the basics of human dignity.

I have also listened to responses as to what could have been done. I did not know that overbooking flights was used in a standard practice of the airlines. Best case scenario of preemption is not to overbook flights. The cost is higher than of remedy.

Thanks to those who are using technology for transparency and sharing their experiences. I have learned a lot from this situation.