What is missing? I have a loss of memory and function and without the use of technology would have a hard time interacting here on the internet as my language centers in my brain have had some damage and also resulted in a loss of some functions between connections in my brain and the brain body connection.

Using coping skills learned as a child I have continued to use different forms of communications as therapy.

I am not sure if I have always been this persistent or maybe can even call it stubborn but believe it is a basic part of who I am. I also noticed I like learning and the interaction of applying and sharing as I go seem to be another basic. This was a good start of my experiment on healing me.

I have had a lot of practice over time in this area. When I find what I do not know in motion I interact, as learning together moves even the interaction forward in the moment of knowledge creating a piece, or language to start from.

My first step was to accept my situation and my functions at the time and be of open mind about the situation, my past and future. It was and is very difficult not to judge or compare as I do believe I must have been conditioned to do this as a child. This is still an ongoing interaction of my mind.

I needed to check to see if the memories as some came back were real. Some of my memories were harder to accept but I knew I needed as many as possible to move forward. I had to question my own reality in a way I had never had to before.

My second step was to take it as an opportunity to look at in positive aspects to learn from. I found I quickly focus in on the moving parts of things, interactions and or over laps. Maybe this is why I found the brain damage interesting. I notice even subtle changes in my behavior and others.

As I have spent the last twenty years or more attempting to use skills created in my childhood to help heal my own physical and psychological traumas and have also applied these techniques in dealing with others I noticed the individual nature of how these techniques must be applied with a willing participant. Dealing with the new challenges I am faced as I go along I continue to read, write and research in transparency.

The challenge is in multiple brain or head traumas over time the not knowing what happened and when leaves gaps I may never know. The neurological effects of chemicals, biological and other pollutants my body has been exposed to over time also must figure into the variables. I must move on from here is what I kept and keep saying to myself.

I feel a need to give back hoping that my open source, open access interactions can lead to others finding their own way to heal or figure out who they really are not letting the world define them.

I use different titles in different forums to interact from a distance. I always have and will use my real name in these interactions. This leaves a real source for the thread of interaction to maintain and grow from.

“Open mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”