The Messengers
Steven Johnson

What makes us think we are not already communicating send receive messages as a whole? I believe we are and keep attempting to do something because we are not aware of our own interactions. There is no plausible deniability and change is occurring. This is happening out of need and wants being the same. The common ground of the planet we live with and ancient code and knowledge. It is repeated throughout the world until the harmony of the signal is achieved as we move forward together on this great adventure.

The planet and beyond are all interactive. Someday we may find ourselves not as the infant or middle child and grown enough to accept the responsibility to become guardians and adults.

I believe we have built a mental wall because of our destructive nature and have yet to open our minds to overcome it with transparency to the most knowing of an advanced society.

If we have not been able to feel, listen or see ourselves with all of our senses as a whole honestly the teacher is still educating us from a distance. Even after venturing to another planet we looked back upon ourselves with fear of our humble and small existence.

We must learn our world to understand, not attempt to conquer it. It is with our actions we shall be known.

It is a thought that is being shared simultaneously. It is also of the physical reality of our existence.

Until we have reached far passed this infancy of self-destructive and selfish nature of emotional behavior that has been conditioned into us and learned from the past about our true interactions we deny ourselves the future of what else is possible.

This is why free speech, expression and interaction are so important to the planets human development.

“Open Mind” 360: 2030

“Open Source” & “Local Support”