Individual Idea Generation

How might we better organize and utilize our refrigerator space?

New Warm-Up Game

Do You Doodle? In this warm up game, participants were asked to play what is essentially a sketching “Telephone” game. Every participant was given a blank notecard. The first person wrote an item/object/thing on his or her notecard and passed it to their neighbor. Then, that next person had to sketch the word written on the notecard they received from their neighbor onto a clean, blank notecard. That new notecard with the sketch was passed along to the next neighbor, who then had to write the name of whatever the sketch was, and so on. Once the last card got to the person that wrote the original word, the brainstorming group had to evaluate the path that the original word went through to get to the final word/sketch.

Progression of “shot glass” in the “Do You Doodle?” Top left downwards to top right downwards.
Session Organizing

The brainstorming session included four students from the University of Minnesota, all of which are in different areas of study; Student #1 — Broadcasting major, Student #2 — Psychology major, Student #3 — Marketing and Entrepreneurship major and Student #4 — Advertising major. The setting took place in my kitchen apartment/living area. I set up the center island space as the main space for the brainstorming because it has enough chairs and space for everyone to be able to see each other and communicate clearly. There is also a blank wall right next to it, which made for a good place to hang up our idea Post-Its for everyone to see. The materials I got together for the session included Post-Its, colored markers, circle stickers for sorting and Starbursts for the participants to snack on. Aside from “Do You Doodle”, the brainstorming group played “Word Ball” and “And Then”. There were a few times when the brainstorming slowed down. Within those times, I gave the participants some prompts, like worst refrigerator organization ideas. Within our 23 minute brainstorming session, there were 71 ideas generated, which equals out to 0.62 IPM.

Sorting & Voting

Each person within the brainstorming session was given four white stickers to place on their favorite ideas. Strangely, there were not many ideas that had more than one sticker on its surface after the voting process. After we voted, we grouped the ideas into seven categories. We used the silent sort technique at first, labeling the categories as random, non-associated symbols, then proceeded to name these groups after the ideas had been sorted into them. The final seven categories were titled as the following: 1 — New Refrigerator Organization Concepts, 2 — Ways to Keep Food Fresh, 3 — Labeling Systems for Food and Items, 4 — Organizational Containers for Any Item, 5 — Organizational Containers for Specific Items, 6 — New General Refrigerator Features and 7 — Products That Dispense Items.

1 — New Refrigerator Organization Concepts
2 — Ways to Keep Food Fresh
3 — Labeling Systems for Food and Items
4 — Organizational Containers for Any Item
5 — Organizational Containers for Specific Items
6 — New General Refrigerator Features
7 — Products That Dispense Items
Top Ideas

After researching Madesmart and its current and past products, the ten ideas I chose as my favorites are attributed to their ability to fit into the current design scheme that the client holds. All of the ten ideas I chose I could see being developed and made as Madesmart products due to the products’ simplicity, practicality and sleek looks.

#1 — Stackable Pitchers

#2 — Pickle and Olive Storage

#3 — Condiment Lazy Susan

#4 — Under-the-Shelf Latch On Drawers

#5 — Angled Drink Holder

#6 — Fruit Shoot (Ideated by Mari Ballinger)

#7 — Flat Water Filter (with filtered easy-pour nozzle)

#8 — Retractable Vertical Shelf (with moveable shelves)

#9 — Long Drawers (to utilize hard-to-reach space)

#10 — Hanging Produce Drapes

# 11 — Bag Zip Store *thought of after turned in

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