Problem prompts solution

How problems are solved

Since humans have been in existence, we’ve been problem solvers. Gifted with advanced minds, we are the best at solving every problem that has come our way.

In the past, famines used to kill more people than any other natural disaster. Now, due to advanced farming techniques and transportation improvements, famines are nonexistent.

Many people get immense satisfaction in finding problems and discovering solutions. Whether it’s a toilet that won’t flush or a computer that won’t turn on, people love fixing things. Thousands of entrepreneurs have made a fortune by fixing problems.

In the early 80’s, Steve Jobs had the vision to see that people would want personal computers. He didn’t just want to solve one problem, he wanted people to be able to solve any number of problems. They just needed computing power to help them achieve their solutions.

eBay launched in September 1995. Pierre Omidyar, the founder, saw that the power of the internet could help people sell their junk. In fact, one of the first items sold on eBay (first known as AuctionWeb) was a broken laser pointer. Now, eBay is worth more than $17 billion.

An essential component to problem solving is failing. If you never fail, you never learn. It takes determination to see through to success.

In the late 1800’s, a young engineer was promoted at the Edison Illuminating Company. He had always enjoyed tinkering with things and found a love for gasoline engines. With this new promotion, he now had enough time and money to focus on that love. Pretty soon he had developed what he called a Quadricycle in 1896. It had four horsepower and sat on four bicycle tires. Hand built and expensive, the “horseless carriage” as it came to be known was a toy for the rich. But Henry Ford wasn’t done.

In 1899, Ford founded the Detroit Automobile Company. Unfortunately, the automobiles they were producing were of lower quality than Ford desired. The company folded less than a year and a half later in January 1901.

Undeterred, Ford carried on. Later that year, Ford designed and built a new and improved automobile. Armed with 26 horsepower, Ford impressed the stockholders in the Detroit Automobile Company. Before the end of the year, the Henry Ford Company had been formed.

Disputes arose, however, and Ford left the company bearing his name.

With the backing of Alexander Malcomson, a coal dealer, Ford tried a third time. The Ford & Malcomson, Ltd. partnership began in 1902. By 1903, they reincorporated to the Ford Motor Company. Five years later, the Model T was introduced and revolutionized the motor industry.

Innovation has been and will always be a key to human survival. The mere fact that you’re reading this on the internet is incredible. Thirty years ago, no one dreamed that this was possible. If you wanted to, you could have a conversation with someone on the other end of the world. Heck, you could even talk to someone in space! Pretty soon, we’ll be able to talk to someone on Mars.

Problems will always exist. But as long as humans are around, we’ll find a way to build a bridge to the solution.

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