The world looks very different than it did 2 months ago. Even before COVID, the government made a huge push to open data sharing in healthcare. In fact, Trump was slated to speak at HIMSS to publicly announce the passing of Anti-Information Blocking. That law did, in fact, pass only to be shadowed by the unprecedented tsunami wave of media attention that the Coronavirus received.

What we’re seeing in healthcare is the straw breaking the camel’s back.

All of a sudden, some of the most stubborn roadblocks holding healthcare data sharing back dissipated. Epic — the biggest voice against Anti-Information Blocking — has since flipped and has become publicly supportive. Costs, business misalignments and ancient regulation shrunk as access to medical care took front and center. We’re living in a different world and we’re not going back.

Dan and I on one of our many trips to D.C. pre-ONC Final Rule. Dan, you should consider growing that beard back, man.