Have you ever asked yourself what if ?

What if instead of being upset , you were happy ?

What if you decided to take the right fork instead of the left ?

What if you studied a little bit harder for that exam ?

What if your grades were better ?

What if you never found love ?

What if you never had the circle of close friends you have?

What if you had different parents ?

What if everything you have been working so hard toward, fails ?

What if you woke up one day & you recognized nothing around you ?

What if grew up in a different neighborhood ?

What if you never met that girl or guy ?

What if you could take a step back to reflect on everything that has ever gone on in your life , then take one step forward toward change ?

What if the results of that action could change your life in ways you never thought possible ?

The power is not in “the what if” the power is in asking yourself a question. Asking yourself questions could give you the answers you been searching for and a google search engine wasn’t required to figure that out.

Tonight start asking yourself questions , start answering those questions and see what you discover.


Till next time!

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