My New Journey

I have recently embarked on this mission of self discovery , a mission I continuously start and stop since the time I was 22 years old. This journey has included practices such as meditation, waking up at an earlier time, reading & listening to audio books and podcasts on self help/business, taking advice from some of the top self coaches in the industry and last but not least working on my gratitude that essentially helps my attitude. The journey has purpose and for that purpose is why I choose to keep constantly pushing toward accomplishing it. Writing has always been something that is new to me as I’m sure you can see by my posts on this platform, but I hear writing is a great remedy which is why I decided to start writing.

Having a clear set of goals, which has taken me 30 years to really decide the direction I want to take my life, is also a contributor of why all these new practices have been included into my life. They say with out a road map the direction is unclear. I’m sure your sitting there wondering why all this , why now . I’ll tell you why, I am tired of going through life with no purpose, being unhappy and wondering WTF am I doing with my life , I am meant for bigger things and decided to make some changes.

The End Result

Where I want this to take me is similar to where it has taken those such as Tony Robbins , Grant Cardone , Jim Rohn & Zig Ziglar. Yes! I want to become a life coach as I have helped those in the past that have been going through tough times, pick themselves up and move forward. I get this sense of joy and purpose when I help those who need a clear direction. Does this mean I will be on stage giving speeches or writing a book , that I have no answer for as of yet.

How I will get there

I will start by taking Tony Robbins coaching course which will give me the knowledge and skills to offer others help. I will take an NLP course (Neuro linguistic programming), if you don’t know what that is I suggest you look into it. Since I plan to coach clients after I’ll need to create a website/blog to give my clients a landing page. I do not plan to be stuck to one area as traveling and being location independent is important to me. Many of you are probably sitting their saying “Troy a coach”, yes I know it doesn’t seem like something you could see me doing as those close to me know I am outspoken like Trump.