Today’s life lesson

Today I learned that no matter how fucked up your situation may be , there is someone else experiencing something a lot worse than I.

I will not go into detail of what this week has been filled with, let’s just say it has been a learning experience. What I have come to realize is that those around you continue to support me, there when I need them (even when I don’t ask) , & laugh about the messed up things that I tend to encounter.

Some of these people are new to my life and some have stuck with me for years and I am grateful for them. I have been blessed to have worked in an industry that is filled with the ability to continuously meet people from all walks of life.

Let’s be honest, we all strive for more in life it’s part of our DNA , we all clearly surround ourselves with people we enjoy having around or we wouldn’t keep them around. I heard an interesting saying from Tony Robbins last night, “Your Brain only responds to positive things even if the world views them as bad”. What Tony meant by this is, as humans we only do things that bring us joy. I’ll give a few examples:

  • People who smoke do it for joy , not to harm themselves (even though it can cause cancer)
  • People who inflict pain on themselves do it for joy (even though inflicting pain hurts and leaves scars)

I sat there in ahhh! When I heard that. I want to close this out with this parting statement. “When you think you’re having a bad day/week remember there is someone else who has it far worse.”


Till next time!

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