3 Guidelines to use an Essential Oil the Right Way.

There are lots of essential oils available in the market, but each one of them has a different use and the method of its application. Every oil has its properties and benefits associated with them. This can partially be because of the mindset of people or because of the differences in the properties of oils.

Apart from everything, it is important that you understand that not every oil can be used in a similar manner.

Here are certain guidelines to know how to use essential oils:

Safe doesn’t mean foolproof: Anything used in the wrong way can be harmful to your body, even mineralized water consumed in a wrong manner can be harmful to you, similarly, the oils we recommend to others and use are also very powerful. It is important that you understand your body, know the properties of your oil, and check how sensitive is your body towards it. There are some precautions that you should take while using an essential oil, make sure you are using a product that suits your skin. Perform a patch test before its application on the entire body. Prefer diluting it before application and start with lesser amounts and gradually increase it. Do not ever compromise on your immunity or health at any cost. Before using an essential oil, seek advice from a doctor.

Personal Judgement First: Your judgement is the most important of all. It guides you in the best possible way. Your nose is the best thing to judge how an essential oil is. You have to trust your practitioner and yourself. Nobody will know about your body more than yourself. You know what is good and bad for your body, what will suit and what won’t.

Follow Precautions wisely: There are certain precautions that you have to take care of every essential oil that you use. Follow these instructions wisely. It takes the time to learn the real art of using essential oils, but, if you act wisely it can be made simpler. Start with using less quantity in the initial phases and increase it as the body gets used to it.

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