I have to laugh at the notion of naturally-occurring emergent complexity when applied to economics…
Richard McGee

I have to laugh at the idea that there is still anyone stuck in the rational-planning paradigm when it’s been so thoroughly debunked by economists and by any study of history whatsoever. Even the critical theory Marxists of the Frankfurt School don’t believe that nonsense. The current complexity paradigm does a much better job of explaining economies. The idea that the economy was ever rationally constructed — that any working society has ever been rationally constructed — has been thoroughly debunked literally decades ago. Free market economies are the result of human action but not of human design. Nobody anywhere could have ever designed it. It’s impossible because it’s too complex.

Now, it may be true that there is legislation that is designed to benefit one group over another. But the point of the parable is that those who argue that they are trying to regulate the economy for the betterment of the economy are either liars or morons, since regulating the economy is like farming the Amazon — the purpose of farming is to simplify the system and to control it for your own benefit. It you are so stupid as to think it’s to accomplish anything else, you will simply destroy the system to no purpose.

The man in the parable is the person who wants to control the system for his own purposes. The people he convinces are useful idiots.

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