Troy C Van Sickle — Keys to Building Lasting Building Relationships

Troy C Van Sickle is a talented and dedicated business professional with over fifteen years’ experience in the advertising industry. He is also the owner of a private consulting firm and provides a variety of services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations in the Southern California region. He is experienced in a variety of fields including real estate and is recognized as a leader in the real estate industry.

Troy C Van Sickle has invested a considerable amount of time in building lasting business relationships, those which he still values very much today. Business relationships are an integral part of success, and require a significant amount of work. Here are a couple of keys to building lasting business relationships.


This is quite straight forward. You need to be who you are, and not try to be someone you aren’t. Creating a false online persona will not last long in the business world. If you want to build lasting business relationships, you will need to find companies and people who you can connect with and start working towards building a strong network with them.


Build connections with people with whom you share a mutual respect. Join a chamber, online business community, or professional group and work towards networking with them. When choosing people to network with, you will want to be patient and selective. Take the time to watch what they do, and what they stand for before you start networking with them.

Goals and Values

When you are looking to build lasting business relationships, you might want to look for shared goals and values. Look at how they treat their customers, and this will give you an idea if the relationship would be mutually beneficial. You might not share the same point of view, but that is perfectly normal. No two people are alike, and it is only natural for people to think differently, but if the other person’s values are lacking, you might not want to build a relationship with that person.

Troy C Van Sickle is a successful business entrepreneur with several years’ experience in advertising, real estate and marketing.