Monday August 15, 2016

Six days left….the countdown is on and I am feeling it. I am now at the point where it has taken over every single thought I have. The “what the hell were you thinking” thoughts have creeped in. Who signs up for a half ironman in their first summer of doing triathlons and before you can even swim? Friends have made fun of me for years for never easing into things. I am starting to see their point.

In have settled on this plan:

It’s the only thing that is clear at this point. After finishing my last long brick session of 80km bike and 20k run I realized that this is going to push the elements even more then I thought. Breaking 7 hours will be an uphill battle. In my training I don’t remember the last 5k of the run and wondered how I got back. Not ideal haha.

So as you can see mental prep this week is extremely important. Getting there early and eliminating the unknowns will also be critical. Things like bike maintenance and making checklist for transition is also important. Final workouts this week during taper seem so easy that it gets in your head that your not doing enough but I need to believe in the process. Eight months of hard work went into this. Can’t start doubting it now.

Last open water swim here tonight after HIIT class today. One more bike and one more run and the journey is done until Sunday.

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