Tuesday February 23, 2016

Tonight will be short and sweet.

Long travel day but managed to get HIIT class and hill training in before heading to airport.

This road trip will test me on many levels. This kid kicked it off with a positive reminder of what I have in my life that is great.

She will be thrilled if she finds out that I put this on here but had to show the new glasses picture from tonight. She truly is motivation for me and she seems to send me some when I need it most. When you think life is tough, she appears and brings you back to reality.

Also realized after yesterday’s post that I have readers and friends who battle their own daily challenges. I think it’s important for everyone to realize that the people you meet have their own story. And not everything is as it appears. I forget sometimes that many people battle adversity every day. I don’t write on here to inspire anyone but myself, but it is reassuring to know that others have reached out to share their stories and show their appreciation for mine.

This hit home and will have me reflecting a lot on my 13 days of traveling alone.

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