Tuesday March 15, 2016

Day two back in the routine felt great. Although it was a productive day, it is time to step up that routine. It’s amazing how many times you need to do a gut check in life to ensure that your stepping outside of the comfort zone. I am guilty of staying where it’s safe and simple in many aspects of my life. I started this process to change that and I must do the same in life to ensure that my journey doesn’t get stagnant.

This hit home today. The dreams today are no longer the same they were. My focus has changed and I need to ensure that the comfort zone gets expanded. It’s easy to stay in the safe zone but at my age why would I do that? It requires constant reminders to step out from the easy and make some tough choices. The more I do the more growth that comes.

While today was another productive training day, it was also another day of learning. Can’t emphasize enough what being prepared will do for me. Headed out for a run tonight and forgot my watch. Managed to get map my run going and was cruising at the 5k mark at a 4:57 pace and feeling strong. My phone dies and it kills my momentum which creeps into the head and affects what was going to be a great time. I cruised in the rest of the way finishing the 9k in 49 minutes but off the sub 5min pace. Being organized and prepared is key for me. While recognizing my strengths are not always easy, realizing what weaknesses I have is not difficult.

Some will laugh at this but I have bought into this concept 100 %. When I am prepared my training rarely goes bad. Same can be said about a lot of aspects of life. Today was another reminder to not forget this important aspect.