Wednesday February 17, 2016

My self talk today must have been good. At 1pm today I had done a 545am spin class, ran hills at UdeM and completed a pura hot yoga class. All that on a “not so good” night sleep. Some days I surprise myself with how deep I can dig. And I didn’t half ass any of it. Full out in everything today. Feeling the affects now but that’s ok. The positives go much further then the physical when you have a day like today. The chemicals produced also make for a very positive day mentally. Good mental days lead to good habits and also planning of future days. The spiral goes in a positive direction. To top my day off before going to work tonight I got to spend dinner with the little sarcastic one who calls me dog with a blog. If you have kids you know that’s an annoying Disney channel series. The kid couldn’t have gotten anything from me other then sarcasm and greasiness?

The other positive aspect today was the ability to coach. My old running partner reached out for help, the Jiko group is letting me lead them in training for Fredericton half and I am spending more time coaching friends on their fitness goals. I don’t pretend to have answers but I love seeing people succeed. Getting two people accross the finish line of their first marathon last year was more rewarding then completing it myself. I guess coaching hockey for over twenty years has made it an important challenge for me that I continue to enjoy.

This is something I will refer to often as I focus on my challenge but do my best to inspire others to be successful.