I know feelings matter in a complex reality driven thought. Or, are those thoughts miscalculated that can hinder you?

The use of feelings is what drives us. I had a feeling “was I a space man?”

So,should I get more or less respect?

Acknowledging that there may be something else? Or, just capitulate to whatever the docs say.

When, I want to die why am I tied up in red tape.

It very much should be cut and dry.

Others, do not want to see it that way.

Be it

-Physch Doc

-Social Worker


-if your $$ covers rides to appointments then who the fuck cares.

Truth be told if you are spiraling out sometimes those(therapist ect) do not not help.

So, what is a person suppose to do?

When the system has failed you time and time again.

Why when, you hear mental health workers trash other patients because they may have been a bit stubborn or whacked out.

The mental health system is leaving a large amount of people marginalized. This needs to stop.

Or, or the next time one downs pills,cut ect maybe the last.

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