It’s a Quick Spin Drain.

When Doctors are not comfortable about prescribing a Med to you what do you do?

You can argue verbally. Fight them in a locked physc. ward. Or, if you are at the point of feeling now is time not later. What can you do?

You are a marginalized individual that society deems unworthy. We, are a bunch of free loaders? Ones who can’t pull themselves up by their boot straps.

In a society that we hope can work for all?

That a disregarded Marginalized society can be just be spit about.

Would it infuriate you that a cancer doctor says “hey you missed two appointments, so I’m going to dump you.”

Well, that happens in the Mental Health world.

Knowing how dire their(the Docs)reputation is, they don’t want you to go on to something “better” less “risk” adversed.”

Why would a cancer doc ever say “ well we are not working with you anymore because you were tired and sick of everyday life.”

I believe they wouldn’t want to. But, physic Docs throw pills at at you and then deem you worthy of going out into the World.

But, leaving a locked ward does not guarantee you free of all your ashamed in your past, evening, knowing you committed.

The Mentally Disabled are blamed for everything. From Crazed shooter in South Carolina church, to Aurora shooter.

People need to realize that one apple does not spoil the crate.

You just agree and agree because the physic Docs you lean on only see you for minutes. What type of life is that?

The mental health field needs an overhaul.


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