Well, Money and Contracts are Important to people who have Menatl Illness

So, a roommate or actually co-leasee leaves you in a bind because they actually as an adult had to ever face consequences for their me first attitude. Be it as a lease to another contract like marriage. All ways using ‘my mental disability’. To try and not face responsibility.

Truly that only works if your mental disability is ‘fucking idiot’. But, they are not and to say that I am not an idiot I’ll tell you bi polar 1 is my mental disability. Not Bi polar 2 caused by pesky drinking and drugs that’s your own fault. Deal with it.

So what do I do with a fool who cried mental disability one to many times? Well, sue his ass and make him pay for what he owes. He is not above a contract when your 40 something you should know how life works.

But, due to the appeasement people have given him through life he thinks he can get away with shot like leaving me owing the whole of our rent and then some.

I need to hopefully fulfill my obligation to the lease and not be another mental idiot that gives hard working people with mental disabilities a bad name.

Anyone wanna help out in this time of difficulty?

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