Discovering my spirit animal

A guided meditation in uncovering the animal I need to embody

  1. Lion — My astrological symbol is a Leo, and because of this people have always referred to me as the lion. One friend in particular also calls me “leaozinho” (little lion), and it’s a name I’ve become fond of. I’m also considered to be an intense person, which is why the lion seemed to particularly resonate. HOWEVER, I’ve never really felt a strong connection with felines in general, and other than the intensity aspect, never felt like the lion was my type of animal.
  2. Monkey — As a child I was teased and called monkey boy. I’m also always bursting with energy, I’m loud, and my mind jumps from place to place like a monkey jumping from tree to tree. Energetically, I can see the connection with monkeys. Again though, never felt a particular connection to this animal.
  3. Dogs — If there’s any animal I feel represents my personality best, it’s definitely a dog. For one, dogs have no shame in walking up to another dog and saying hello. I’ve always been the same way — I can connect with any human from any walk of life and immediately establish rapport. Secondly, dogs have this “SQUIRREL!” effect, where they can be focused on one thing, and BOOM, distraction arises and the dog starts chasing it. I’ve been very similar where I can be very focused on one topic, but it’s also very easy to distract me and get me off on a new tangent. For this reason when people always asked me “what is your spirit animal” I’ve normally answered dog and given this justification.

Guided meditations — discovering my spirit animal

When the discourse was finally finished, it was time to dive into the world of spirit animals

Guided meditation #2 — the main event

Now it was time for meditation number two. This time I was determined not to fall asleep.

Reflection and Examination

When the meditation was over, Apolo discussed how the most important aspect was to think about the qualities that animal represented to you. This animal, and these qualities, are the animal you must learn to embody in this next chapter of your life.

Balance and Stability

The first quality of the rhino that resonated with me is balance. This is an animal that is stable. Grounded.

Unshakeable, Unf*ckwithable, Firm and Resolute

Not only stability though, the rhino is an animal that is unshakeable, unmoveable.

He didn’t talk

The best quality of the rhino? He didn’t talk much.

  1. Speak less, listen more
  2. Be succinct, get to the point
  3. Don’t give advice unless someone asks for it
  4. Let the energy out upon request
  5. People do love to hear me talk and go on rants, but do it upon their request, with their permission and embrace.

Controlling all of that energy under the hood

I’ve always joked that my engine is too big for my frame. I have an abundance of energy. I’m always bursting with excitement and energy.

Content doing nothing

I liked that he didn’t need to do anything. All he wanted to do was drink water, enjoy the scenery. Didn’t need to move or do anything to keep himself entertained.

Integration and Implementation

Like all of the previous ceremonies, we ended the “Discovering your Spirit Animal” session with another round of Rapé.



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