Moods are like diseases

…they want to spread and infect other people with the same feeling

Troy Erstling
3 min readOct 25, 2018


Whether we like it or not, we’re all sending and receiving frequencies of energy from each other when we interact with each other.

This is why some people can pump you up. Others can leave you drained. Some can leave you sad or angry. Others can leave you happy and calm.

It’s why we say “laughter is contagious” — because it is. But so is every other emotion as well.

Our moods influence each other. Our moods are, quite literally, contagious. The energy we carry around with us has the potential to “infect” another person.

Moods are like diseases.

All they want to do is spread. All they want to do is infect another person with the same feeling.

Oftentimes one person’s mood can dictate everyone’s. If someone is very happy, it will infect others, leading to laughter, dancing and fun for all.

On the other hand if one person is angry, it can infect everyone, get everyone down and depressed, and ruin the collective energy for the group.

If this is the case, we must be careful with the energies we allow into and out of us. When we treat someone well and leave them with a smile, that smile will pass on. Leave someone frustrated and they will probably frustrate the next person that they see.

This is why I also believe that in the same way we need to protect ourselves from infectious diseases, we must protect ourselves from negative, stressful, and angry people.

In the same way that you avoid exposing yourself to certain risky activities that could get you sick, you should also avoid people who have energies that make you feel drained, anxious, stressed, or angry.

Just like a flu invades your body, their energy has invaded you. You’re battling an infection of energy. That’s WHY you feel drained, anxious, stressed, or angry.

Similarly, the same way we stay at home when we’re sick so that we don’t infect others — PLEASE don’t spread your sickness to other people. If you’re not in a good headspace, do your best limit contact with the people around you. Let your body fight off the…



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