I have done two courses but with gap of 5 years.

Yes, Vipassana is a tough practice to maintain. I find that the daily practice is more important than the 10 day retreats.

Something that has helped me is only meditating for 10–20 minutes per day. Goenka stresses 1 hour per day, and I think that is intimidating for many people. It’s also tough to maintain. I like to carve out a small amount of time every day so I at least get SOME practice in. If I can sit for a full hour, great, but if not I don’t stress myself about it. A consistent daily practice of 20 minutes/day has more benefit for me than a 1 hour session 1–2x/week.

Also, I really like Tara Brach. Her guided meditations are wonderful, and are rooted in Vipassana.

Hope this helps!!!

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