Dissecting San Jose Unified
David Crane

The increases under the Governor’s Local Control Funding Formula are almost maxed out and most districts are still only being funded at 2007 levels — which leaves California’s 45th nationally in per student funding. At the same time, pension contributions will more than double over the next five years, health care and benefits costs continue to skyrocket, student poverty levels are increasing, districts are educating students with greater and greater needs, the (unfunded) mandates are more numerous than ever, and federal funding is declining. School districts face mounting and unsustainable costs that threaten their ability to improve outcomes for students and prepare them for the demands of an increasingly competitive world. These are structural issues that the state’s legislative and executive leaders must solve before there is catastrophic financial failure of school districts statewide when the next recession hits. This is a clarion call to fight for our students and one we must answer in force.

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