From VIE’s Creative Director

To the corporate board and general-public participants :

Brief Backstory : In 2010, I set out to develop a more effective abortion campaign that enabled better interactions with the cause. The campaign is neither Pro-life nor Pro-choice and is not easily understood without first taking off the lense of yesterday and the traditional definitions associated with the abortion topic. Here, via text, is how the last board meeting started:

“I see very clearly what I am supposed to do in my efforts on the abortion cause, I know others may not be able to see it right now; however —…

By Troy Hollinger

Thank you so much for your book PRO, your recent column questionnaire, and for taking the time to read my response.

Starting with your first question:

1. Do you believe illegal abortion can be prevented, and if so, how?

Yes, I believe illegal abortion can be prevented. More though, I believe abortion in whole (or at least 60 to 75%) can be prevented. How? It’s quite simple, keep unintended pregnancy from occurring. Abortion really doesn’t exist without it. (Voluntary ones anyways). To achieve this: obviously contraceptives, even conceived egg interferers, and better education. But two others:

Male Reproduction Responsibility


Troy Hollinger

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