nxVenture Capital CEO Troy Jensen Reviews “Being Nixon: A Man Divided” by Evan Thomas

Being Nixon: A Man Divided by Evan Thomas
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 For better or worse, argues author Evan Thomas in this fascinating and impressively researched biography, President ­Richard Nixon was motivated by fears and insecurities that created a drive to succeed, which resulted in monumental political achievements and also sowed the seeds for his downfall. The author draws heavily on recently available White House tapes as well as interviews conducted with former Nixon staffers. Driven by childhood poverty to mistrust the wealthy, who slighted him in college and his early career, Nixon was sensitive to the needs of the poor and supported legislation that promoted desegregation, voting rights, and welfare reform, while opposing integration when currying votes from Southerners. Thomas presents Nixon as neither conservative nor liberal but rather as an optimist, much like most mid-20th-century politicians, regardless of party, who believed government’s mission was to offer creative solutions to economic and social problems. Although Nixon was ruthless to his enemies, Thomas reminds us of the president’s generosity as a loving husband and father who was well liked by White House staff. This compulsively readable account will find a wide audience among general readers, historians, and Watergate buffs who seek a fuller understanding of this controversial man.
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