2016 wasn’t perfect and 2017 won’t be either…

I’m gonna take you back to my track and field days for a moment… Remembering the feeling right before the gun goes off and when the blood would rush into my fingertips as I touched the starting line and then…BOOM!!! Sprint as hard as humanly possible just to keep up with the competition. That feeling came quickly…almost hauntingly as I started looking forward to this new year while my fingers filled with blood again.

I had to ask a different question this year. Why am I sprinting? How far has it gotten me and how fast did it all go by? Back then, last year, this year. Am I afraid I’ll miss out on something? What am I still missing this year? I’ve sprinted all my life…and for what?

Progress, acceleration, immediacy… always hallow, always imperfect, always our greatest missed opportunity. Maybe next year will be the year…

How much are we rushing through life though? How much personal training are you going to commit to before things are perfect?

Take the opportunity to do something totally counterintuitive this year. If you start something new, intentionally do it slow. Plan on it taking a lot of your time or maybe… don’t even set a deadline. Enjoy the thing in it’s most imperfect state and keep finding purpose in why you do the thing at all and dream about it’s potential.

I guess its a good time to thank God for that kind of mercy on us. All our imperfections, habits, anxieties, and selfishness. Thank you Lord! I don’t have to get 2017 perfect or expect it to be just that.

Whatever you get caught up in this year, don’t miss the opportunities in things being imperfect. If the God of perfection moves toward and pursues us at our most imperfect state, what does 2017 look like if it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it could just be purposeful and with heart.

Love you all.