All The Ways Immanuel

When you live in FL it is hard to believe it’s beginning to look a lot like or feel like anything Christmas. It can be tempting to forget about things that used to be important. We can justify many times to stop g0ing out of our way for the ones in and around our life.

However, it is still possible to believe that God came to us in the garden and asked “Where are you?” Or that God himself came in a manger and found a way to still be with us.

We remember a lot of things during the holidays. Times we miss, relationships that are extremely fragile, places in our hearts where we somehow managed to hold onto hope through the year and still seek the peace and the joy we long for and are meant for.

While we let Christmas remind us of many of these truths in our lives, be reminded that God is still with us. Still pursuing us. Still remembering us.

Let this Christmas be the reminder that triumphs over all else…that God and man get to restart together and that the joy that can be available this time of year is just the beginning of where we are going.

We will find our way back. We will be remembered. The ransomed of the Lord shall return.

It will take some serious faith and God can give you that.