God only knows what it must be like to be You…

We do what we can for those we genuinly don’t feel anything towards. It’s a common cycle in our hearts if left deflated, rotating on broken valve stems.

We interact, we play roles, others participate or they don’t. But usually, we go home exhausted thinking about how we will pump it all out again tomorrow. Indefinitley.

Think of those in your normal day to day. The common folk. The ones you notice but don’t see. The ones within your reach but you do not touch. The folks you hear about but barely listen to.

Are your days and weeks marked by possibilities or proximities? Is it your conscience or just coincidence determining your will?

We do what we can. But, honestly, we just don’t “feel it” most of the time. No one’s obligated but should we be so oblivious? God only knows what it must be like for them.

Think about going to the DMV. Imagine the kind of folks you will encounter there and think about who you will be in the midst of them.

My first thought sitting in the middle of it all is definitely not “What it must be like to be in their shoes.” Rather, my head is usually down staring at my own waiting for my number to be called.

It’s hard to imagine life as just a number waiting to be called. I bet they feel the same way too.

When we calculate the choices in our hearts, there’s a chance we are not acknowledging something greater than balancing our lives to zero responsibilities.

We move into the normal patterns of life so easily that we forget something Jesus always decided to do… to acknowledge and count worthy those we have counted worthless.

Why He kept aligning himself with them is a mystery to the world. I think He would have fit in quite well at the DMV waiting in line much like He did at his baptism with the rest of them.

He calls for humbleness in our hearts. It’s not enough to just appreciate their situation, but to also understand it.

If you find yourself not “feeling it”, search your heart. See if there’s a “what if” or an invitation to something more. The more insignificant, the greater the opportunity to see it for what it is.

He continues to meet us in the insignificant. It’s what makes Him so significant. He will serve us first like he did his disciples. Like He invited his cousin to baptize him first. Let him invite you this week in the these ways and through the most common people. Because, like them, you are more than a number... You are His. God only knows what it must be like to be You! Rejoice and be glad!