How to fix what’s Dead…

Step 1. You Can’t. Step 2. The sooner you realize Step 1, the sooner you can come to life.

I’m not talking about the kind of life that just dies again. I’m talking about a resurrection where death doesn’t even exist.

So where has something died for you? What did it die for? Was it worth it?

Is there any hope left now? What if courageously, you finally let it go… whatever died, and put it to rest?

Could it produce the faith you need to go forward even if its just enough for tomorrow?

If something has died, let it be. And after you let it go, let it be something that fixes you on a greater hope beyond the shadows of doubt and fear where faith becomes the silhouette that surrounds your heart.

If we are totally honest with each other, than lets admit it...

Love still overcomes death. Always.

We can’t help it. We know it’s true in our hearts. We truly want to believe it and live. Some of us even want to live forever with everyone we ever loved. It’s a foreign language and hard to make sense of, but it is a sound so familiar and universal to our human spirit to speak it and remind others it’s still true.

Nothing lasts. There will be death. But that is not the end. When everything dies, the only thing left is faith. Faith that can bring you back to life and sustain you. I love you. I pray miraculous faith that breathes life back into you today.